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Every Tessa Louise garment is designed to flatter the female form with comfortable fabrics and thoughtful silhouettes. Styles are designed and constructed by Tessa in Minneapolis with the help of a small staff of women. High-quality knits, innovative details, and quality construction create pieces that are timeless through many seasons. Women can control the style and look of a Tessa Louise design to suit their needs and flatter any size. Necklines are reversible, while sashes and ties easily transform a garment into a new style, offering multiple ways to wear.  


Tessa Louise offers Signature and Statement collections. 


Signature pieces act as the season-less core collection – versatile and timeless, updated occasionally to freshen their look to current trends while their core features remain consistent and dependable. Statements stand out in a room with unique, sometimes bold design elements while maintaining the fine fabrics and versatility for which Tessa Louise designs are known. Occasionally Statement pieces use limited edition fabrics and therefor only a certain number are produced.


Meet Tessa

From a young age, Tessa felt a passion for creating original work in illustration and sculpture. Her love of fashion developed throughout highschool and eventually lead to her decision to major in Clothing Design at the University of Minnesota. This is where she discovered her passion for innovation and taste for wearable art. 

In 2012, Tessa began the namesake label Tessa Louise (her first and middle name) in Minneapolis. Tessa Louise has since become a resource for women that demand quality, seek innovation, and love the personalization and versatility that Tessa Louise items allow. She is dedicated to the fundamental design process of draping each design directly on the human form to achieve the most flattering cut and wearable versions of her ideas. For Tessa, the goal is to develop items that her clients reach for first and never want to take off.