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QUALITY - Every garment is designed and constructed in our Minneapolis studio by Tessa or under her watchful eye.

VERSATILITY – Tessa enjoys adding design features to make each item as versatile as possible. For example you’ll find many necklines designed for front-back reversal, virtually doubling your wardrobe.

WEARABILITY - All items are designed to flatter your form. We combine bold and classic design elements to create eye-catching looks – wardrobe favorites that work for more than one season. 

SUSTAINABILITY We manufacture our items on a lean inventory basis, often made to order. Quality is a huge priority for us, and we want our items to last for many seasons. We do not believe in the "fast fashion" concept. 

We use ethical manufacturing standards in every aspect of Tessa Louise.


More about our Founder- Tessa Druley

From a young age, Tessa felt a passion for creating original work in illustration and sculpture. Her love of fashion was discovered when she began thrift store shopping in High School, searching for items with character to pair with simple items. In many ways this experience is what planted the seed for the Tessa Louise brand down the road. Why are there two distinct categories- character, bright statement items and simple, everyday wardrobe basics? Why can’t items be a balanced mixture of both?

Tessa majored in Clothing Design at the University of Minnesota and discovered her passion for innovation and taste for wearable art- essentially merging her two passions. Tessa is dedicated to the fundamental design process of draping each design directly on the human form to achieve the most flattering cut and wearable versions of her ideas.

In 2012, Tessa began the namesake label Tessa Louise(her first and middle name) in Minneapolis. Tessa Louise has since become a resource for women that demand quality, seek innovation, and love the personalization and versatility that Tessa Louise items allow. For Tessa, the goal is to develop items that her clients reach for first and never want to take off.